Shelby Reyes

Full Stack Developer

I'm a MERN-stack developer living in the Philly 'burbs'.

My love of coding started early, styling LiveJournal layouts in the early 2000s. Now, I am a software engineer with a passion for scalable solutions.

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Personal Projects

Progressive Scraper

Progressive Scraper is a web scraper that displays ten of the most recent progressive rock album reviews from Prog Archives. Users can save reviews to their favorites list and leave comments on their saved reviews. Comments can be individually deleted, and articles can be deleted in batches. This is to fully exemplify the CRUD functionality.

This app uses Express in conjunction with Node.js to create the server. Cheerio and Axios scrapes the site and the targeted elements are stored in a Mongo database using Mongoose. Handlebars.js is the view engine and renders the JSON responses from the server. Bootstrap supplies most of the CSS. This application follows the MVC design pattern.

Technologies used: MongoDB, Mongoose, Cheerio, Node.js, Express, Handlebars.js, jQuery, Bootstrap

Library Builder

Library Builder is a MERN-stack app that allows users to search for and save books of interest through Google Books API.

This app uses React to handle the view and functionality, Express and Node for server-side API routing, and MongoDB for storing the user's saved books.

Technologies used: MongoDB, Express, React, Node, Mongoose, Bootstrap, Google Books API

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